First Time – FAQ

First Time – FAQ

What should I wear?

Although Northside Baptist is an old fashioned conservative church, Pastor Frazier is more concerned with your spiritual state than your appearance. You will notice most of the women choose to wear modest skirts or dresses and the men in suits or dockers, but we want you to feel welcome no matter how you dress.

What kind of music does your church have?

Northside Baptist clings to the old ways. We sing from hymnals instead of from screens and our church has an piano instead of a band.  Our music is conservative yet lively rather than contemporary.

What Bible do you use? 

Northside Bapstist uses the 1611 King James Version Bible. If you do not have a bible, we will provide one for you to use during the service.

Are there classes for my children?

Yes. Northside Baptist provides infant and toddler nursery ages 0-2, as well as beginners church ages 2-5, and childrens church grades 1-6.